I was born in Sutton-in-Ashfield, England during the early ’80s. Raised on a Council Estate and moved with my mum to America in my teens…I always loved playing her LP’s.

We didn’t have much of anything but we always had music, music has never left us, music came with us when we left our home, and music is here to stay. When we moved to America, living on the East coast the opportunities were abundant. I played guitar, but bass made better sense, despite my song writing and love for vocals, I chose the supporting role. Perfecting that role I studied jazz double bass in college and found my love for America’s music. I really, really got into the bass, and more opportunities flowed. 

I’ve met so many amazing musicians, bass players, and friends. This family, my family of music has supported and encouraged me from the start. 

That support has been so great that I’ve found the courage to step forward and show my music, my heart, my voice.